Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Here, there, and everywhere in between

Oh man! So much has been happening lately... Let me touch on the cool parts.

our music video is very close to being finished!

My life as Liz premiered a few weeks back and Louis s quickly becoming a crowd favorite. He has always been my favorite ; )

He is getting into quite a love triangle. If you haven't seen it yet go to and watch some episodes or watch MTV Tuesday nights at 11/10c

We have been playing a ton of shows but our favorite stop was in New Orleans.

So much good street jazz!

Weirdly enough, the highlight of our trip there was the graveyard we visited.
We are so morbid.

This is the voodoo queens tomb. We left her gifts and made wishes.

This was our graveyard tour guide. He was beyond awesome.

These are real human bones. Yes, I stuck my head in a tomb and took a picture of human remains... Ew.

Louis turned 22 while we were in N.O. Someone awesome sent him room service.
Ladies, hold on to your knickers... He is shirtless in the picture below.

Yummy brews.

Crawfish and crabs... More yum.

Yup all gone.

We did a photo shoot for

This is how it turned out.
Thanks Jack Jeffries for doing a stellar job.

We also had the AWESOME oppurtunity to be featured on mtv's buzz worthy blog. You can check out the write up, watch interviews, see us play two live originals, and look at the cute new pics! Make sure to leave some love.

So... I got to meet BJ Novak! Nbd.

We visited the Mass MOCA

We finished that leg of tour and made our way back to the sunshine state

that's all folks



Tuesday, January 25, 2011

On the road again...and very cold

So we are back at it
This leg we are going all over the place
But our first stop was in Crookston, Minnesota.

This is what 0 degrees looks like

We played a fun show and then jumped on a plane
Headed for Indiana


But before we could take off they had to defrost the plane.
Yes, there is someone in that jig.
Awesome. I (Jordan) want that job.

Almost there! Yay for Indianapolis and 34 degrees : )

Can't wait to share the rest of this tour with y'all
Stay tuned!
-Lou n Jo

Location:North Dakota, Minnesota, and Indiana

Friday, October 22, 2010

Tour Part 1

A few weeks ago we left for the first official leg of our College tour.
Our first stop took us to Nebraska Wesleyan University in Lincoln, Nebraska.

This was our welcome sign.

Excited to be on the road.

Uh... excited too?

Corn Fields

Lots of taxidermy animals.

We ate awesome Omaha steaks.


We had an awesome time in Nebraska.
Played for some cool people and made some new friends.
We finished up in Lincoln and jumped on a plane to
our next destination.

We landed in the gorgeous state of West Virginia.

We spent a few days relaxing in a cabin in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

We took hikes through the woods.

We played with pups by the pond.

We made fun of the size of the phone book.

We made friends with the butterflies.

We ate teeny tiny apples.

And picked a bunch of regular sized ones.

We played with more pups.

We left West Virginia and went to the University of Virginia at Wise.
We had a great crowd and met some really cool people.
We finished up and headed to the smallest airport... ever.

This was the only baggage claim.

It was like valet but with a plane.
there were 8 people on the flight.
That included two pilots, a flight attendant, and 3 other passengers.

Here is an awesome video from our drive through Virginia.

Friday, February 5, 2010


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